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Version: v31 |  Size: 51MB

Many people prefer to use WhatsApp plus copies because they don’t like the features of the original WhatsApp app. Adam WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp Plus copies. You can download AD WhatsApp at the same time as the original WhatsApp. In the new version of WhatsApp, you can see all the messages that any group member has sent to another member.

The app offers several features that can make your messaging experience more convenient . In this article we will discuss some of these features, including hiding your online status, saving your friends’ statuses, and more.

What is adam WhatsApp?

The app is created by Arab developers. It is one of the best modified WhatsApp apps available on internet, used by thousands of people who are fully satisfied with it. This mod is packed with additional features that allow users to enjoy enhanced features and more privacy. This app’s privacy is super strong, as users can choose who can see their profile pictures and statuses and who can call them. These features make it the most reliable alternative to WhatsApp.

Many WhatsApp mods are available, but this app is more popular than the others.

Features Of Adam WhatsApp

copy status to clipboard

This app will enable users to copy their friends’ statuses to the clipboard. In the official version, it is not possible to copy someone’s status.

Customization feature

Various customization options are available regarding text colors for status, unread messages, and names. You can set different colors for each one so you can easily distinguish them from one another. This can be helpful when you’re trying to keep track of things or want to find a specific message quickly.

Background option

Users can change the background image whenever they want. This allows them to personalize their experience and make it their own.

Use two accounts

You can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device with the Adam WhatsApp app – This feature is not available on the official WhatsApp app.

Lock chat feature

The app lock is a great way to keep your app private and secure. By locking the app, you can ensure that only authorized users can access it. This is perfect for keeping sensitive information safe and preventing unauthorized access to your app.

Long status option

Users can write up to 250 characters in the status update, which is more than the limit on official WhatsApp.

Read deleted Content

Users can see all the messages that have been deleted in the chat and can see their friends deleted statuses also.

long group name

Group chatting is one of the more popular features of the original WhatsApp application. When setting a group name, the official version of WhatsApp only allows users to select a group name that is 25 characters maximum . However, the group name can be extended to 35 characters with this app.

Call unknown number

The official WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to call people who aren’t in their contact list, but with the Adam WhatsApp mod app, users can call anyone they want, even if they’re not in their contact list.

Inbuilt downloader

In the official version of WhatsApp, users cannot download their status they have to use a third-party application to download statuses, but the app provides an inbuilt downloader here; you can download any status with one click.

Types of Adam WhatsApp

If you are using adamWhatsApp, you have two choices because the app helps you to choose between them. You can choose different styles, colors, and many more options. Two types are given below. You can select and download them to enjoy the application.

Adam WhatsApp black

In the black version of the app, where all the background colors are mostly in black, and most of the themes are in black view, you can select it and enjoy.

Adam WhatsApp Brown

This WhatsApp has many themes in brown, and you can customize it according to your need. Some extra features increase the beauty of the app so that you can download now from everywhatsapp.com and enjoy WhatsApp with amazing features.

Adam WhatsApp APK Download

App NameAdam WhatsApp APK
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Size52 MB
Software CategoryAndriod
Download Adam WhatsApp Black APK Download Adam WhatsApp Brown APK


Key features

  • you have to restart it everytime you make changes.
  • You can view content like images and videos in unlimited views instead of one.
  • In WhatsApp, you have to customize what you are calling and set the conditions for who calls you. You can select according to your need.
  • There is an anti-delete option available in the application you can use it to see deleted content and recover with one click.
  • You can also delete the messages time. Like you send the message at 1 pm and want to change it to 11 am. You can only change the time of your WhatsApp message with the help of this app.You can customize all the settings of your messages
  • You can select your languages among 80 + languages available in the application.
  • You can also import different emoji styles.

My experience with ad WhatsApp

This is the same as the original Whatsapp, GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus. Still, some of its features are different from others. You can download its Black Or brown version, and you can also customize its backgrounds, hide status, and also customize call option. You can try this application because all the features are working fine for me without any issues, so you can also try latest version and download it from everywhatsapp.com.

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