WhatsApp beta for Android (Animated avatar pack)

WhatsApp is developing a future that allows users to create and use animated avatars. This feature is not available yet in the app’s current version but will be included in a future update. The animated Avatar is a digital representation of a person or character that moves display animation, which can be customized and used as profile pictures displayed within the WhatsApp application. Once the application update is released, users can create and use these animated avatars to enhance their messaging experience.

What’s new in the latest version 

Feature NameClearer interface
Beta Version23.14.1.75
Status VersionRolling out
Update for DeviceBeta for ios
Availability For Beta Testers
Previous Beta Version

Two improvements for Avatar 

Two days ago, WhatsApp announced the two releases of new enhancements regarding avatars on both Android and IOS versions. These two improvements WhatsApp is working on for its Avatar feature are below.

The first improvement is the ability to configure avatars by taking a photo. This means that now the user can use a picture of themselves and anything else they want as their Avatar. Now making an Avatar will become automatic and make it easier for users to set up their profile picture.

The second improvement involves the expanded collection of Avatar. This means that WhatsApp provides Avatar options, and users can choose any. These will be automatically available for all users who configure their avatars directly from app settings.

Animated avatar features are under development and will be released for Android users. So stay updated with WhatsApp news only on everywhatsapp.com.

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