WhatsApp beta for Android (Full-width messaging interface – community announcement group)

WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform introducing a new feature for community announcement groups. This feature involves a full messaging interface, meaning the messages will span the entire screen and provide the best messaging interface. This feature in the testing face is available to a selected group of beta testers who get early access to new features or updates to identify bugs and issues and suggest improving the beta version. This feature will be available for all users in the coming days. 

What’s new in the latest version 

Feature NameLink with phone number
Beta Version2.23.15.4
Status VersionRolling out
Update for DeviceBeta for Andorid
Availability For Beta Testers
Previous Beta Version23.14.1.72

The new interface with a messaging style that occupies the entire width of the screen. Now the latest version is available on the Google beta program and gives a new full messaging interface that is only accessible to some beta testers for community announcement groups. These beta testers can explore and provide feedback on this new feature before it becomes a potential role for all WhatsApp users. 

The community announcement group might look new, especially since the new message bubbles occupy the entire screen width. You can see the profile icon within each bubble. It’s important to note that this interface is unique to specific conversations like channels and community announcement groups.

The complete message interface spinning the entire width is now accessible to select beta testers who install the latest Whatsapp beta update for Android from Google Play Store. If you don’t have access to this feature, wait for some weeks; it will be available for all users in the upcoming days.

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