WhatsApp beta for iOS (High-quality videos – profile icons)

WhatsApp releases a fresh update via the Test flight beta program elevating the version to WhatsApp now allows users to send high-quality videos and provide enhancement profile icons within group chats for iOS users. This feature is currently available for some beta testers who would sign up for the test flight beta program on the App Store. 

Latest Beta Version Update

Feature NameHigh-quality videos – profile icons
Beta Version23.13.0.76
Status VersionRolling out
Update for DeviceBeta for IOS
Availability For Beta Testers
Previous Beta Version

This feature for some beta testers, which are HD photos, enables users to share high-quality photos in their original dimensions. The new tag “HD” is added to the message when the users send photos and videos. This version allows beta testers to experiment with sending high-quality videos. 

What’s new in this version 

In the latest beta version, iOS users send high-quality videos to their contact without losing their resolution. When a user utilizes the high-quality video option within conversations, this adds an automatic tag to the message bubble, and this additional information helps users to recognize that the video was sent to improved quality. It’s important to note that this feature is currently not applicable when you share videos through status.

This version’s second feature adds enhancement regarding profile icons within group chats. Hundreds of thumbnails for different contacts are available, and the user can choose any of them for their group icon, but this is available only for some selected group members. In the future, it will be available for all users. These two beta features are available for iOS users who install the test flight app for WhatsApp beta. The complete version will be available for all users in the upcoming weeks.

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