WhatsApp beta for iOS (Clearer interface)

WhatsApp introduced a redesigned interface for the chat list, providing a clear and more user experience for iOS users. Additionally, the update includes a new way to access the broadcast contact list and create new groups. This new feature is available to a limited group of Beta testers.

The latest beta version improved the design of the chat list interface, especially since they intended to make the interface clear by removing the two entry points related to the broadcast list and new groups. These beta testers can personally explore and experiment with the updated chat list and its new functionality.

The new entry point or button for accessing the Broadcast list and creating a new group in WhatsApp has been removed. A group of Beta testers is testing an alternative location for a new group creation entry point above the search bar. It’s important to note that this alternative location may be a part of the test, and there is no confirmation whether it will be available for all future users. The users who do not see this new group entry then, WhatsApp provide a tool tape a small popup message to inform them about the option to create a new group within their contact list.

What’s new in the latest version 

Feature NameClearer interface
Beta Version23.14.1.75
Status VersionRolling out
Update for DeviceBeta for ios
Availability For Beta Testers
Previous Beta Version

Broadcast list feature 

You can still use the broadcast list feature by providing a new shortcut in the app settings. The direct entry point might be removed from the chat list, and you can access the broadcast through the settings menu.

The extra entry point introduces in the contact list allows you to access the broadcast list from multiple locations within the app. This future improves the overall appearance and usability of the chat list and provides a better User experience.

These two features are available only for beta testers and will be updated in the coming weeks for more people worldwide.

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