WhatsApp for iOS 23.12.76 (Message editing)

WhatsApp released a new version for iOS devices, and now users can edit messages and provide a new tool to fix typos without deleting the wrong message. This editing feature was announced by Mark Zuckerberg through the meta channel on Instagram one month ago, and now this version is officially released and compatible with all iOS devices.

The new update version added a call link feature to the calendar and messaging editing feature. These messaging features allow users to edit the message within 15 minutes after sending them and unlimited numbers of edits within the time frame. This editing feature corrects typing errors, and it’s important to note that messages sent from a different device cannot be added.

If you currently do not access this feature, then be aware that it may be gradually rolled out to certain accounts in the upcoming weeks, as mentioned in the official changelog. We recommended regularly updating WhatsApp from App Store and the test flight app to ensure you stay current. By doing this, you will increase your chances of receiving the features. Now this feature is finally available for iOS and allows users to edit their sent messages in 15 minutes.

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