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Version: v20.70.06 Latest Version |  Size: 51MB

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app used by millions of people worldwide to share photos, videos, chat, and much more. You can have the GB WhatsApp download 2023 new version on your mobile device if you want WhatsApp with some extra features for communication. The GB WhatsApp mod is fascinating and unique, but millions of people are unaware of it. We hope more people learn about its features to enjoy its benefits.

GB WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, just like the official version, but it also has some additional features that you may find useful. For example, GB WhatsApp lets you hide your online status and use airplane mode, and it also comes with cool wallpapers. You can install the app on your Android or iOS device for free, and it is safe to download from our website.

GBWhatsApp Apk is a modified version of WhatsApp that comes with some unique features that you won’t find in the official app. call blocking, Unlimited themes, Hide Online, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss all of the features of GBWhatsApp and why you should consider using it over the official WhatsApp app.

GBWhatsapp is an app that has a lot of features, but it’s not available on the Google Play Store. This can make it seem like a hassle to download from a website, especially if the website owner asks for money or you need to download an extension on your browser. Many people avoid these sites because they’re afraid of being hacked. But if you stay relaxed and persistent, you can prevent these situations. We’ve save you from the trouble; you can get the file from the link below.

What is GB Whatsapp?

GBWhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp mods you can get for your device. This mod is known for supporting multiple accounts and much more. However, this mod cannot be downloaded via app distribution services like the Google Play Store. But don’t worry; we have provided the GB WhatsApp download 2022 and new version from given link below.

There are several WhatsApp mods available, and GBWA is one of them. GBWA offers the original app’s functions and features, plus additional features. But before we get into the details of GBWhatsApp, we encourage you to check out other mods on [everywhatsapp.com].

AlexMods GBWhatsApp

Different versions of this app available in market all of them are free to use. Still, there are many problems with all GB WhatsApp bike customization options, like security options. Overcome these problems GB WhatsApp by AlexMods in the market, and this application has many customization features for free to use so you can use it.

Features OF GBWhatsApp

Send maximum Pics

The mod version of Whatsapp allows you to send up to 50+ pictures simultaneously as compared to the original version. You can also easily send 50 MB of video and 100 MB of audio clips to your friends, making it a great way to stay connected with loved ones.

Different themes

gbWhatsapp’s new version includes a theme feature that gives you access to hundreds of themes and Emojis. So now you can change themes whenever you want. You can also become a developer and create themes to share with other users for GB.

Variety of fonts

If you’re bored of always seeing the same old font on WhatsApp, don’t worry – this version offers you plenty of fonts to choose from for free! You can even customize them according to your preference. So now you’re free to choose your favorite font easily.

Support different languages

gbwa offers you a wide range of languages to choose from, so you can worry less about picking the right one. Just go to the settings and select your preferred language.

Own video player

The WhatsApp video player can be used to play videos that have been sent to you, but it doesn’t have a lot of other features that other video players have. GBWA provide built in video player Where you can play videos Without third-party players.

Auto reply feature

The WA Business app’s auto-reply feature is a unique and useful tool for WhatsApp users. With this MOD version, you get the same great features. You can automatically set an autoresponder to reply to someone, online or offline. To place an autoresponder, add the message to the autoresponder setting.

Anti-ban feature

This version of Whatsapp includes the Anti-Ban feature, which allows users to log-in back into their accounts if Whatsapp blocks them.

Simple UI

This app is just as user-friendly as the original interface. With a clean and simple interface, you can work much more efficiently. You can easily access the camera, customize fonts, search for your favorite contact numbers, and more without any issues.

Download statuses

This app allows you to quickly and easily download WhatsApp statuses that you like so that you can share them with your friends.

Limitless GIFs

You will get unlimited gifs with this version of GB WhatsApp. You will also find many customization options not available in the original application. The Latest Version of GB WhatsApp is the only place to find these features.

Send the Large files

The original version of WhatsApp can be painful when sending documents quickly to anyone. You’re limited to forwarding photos, videos, or anything else that exceeds 16MB in size, which can be frustrating. However, this limitation no longer exists with the latest version of WhatsApp GB. You can now send anything you want from 100MB to 2GB, making it a much more useful tool.

Self-destructive feature

This mod allows you to use other apps without getting messages from your friends, which is useful if you’re trying to focus on something and don’t want to be interrupted you can use this features.

Use two WhatsApp

You can use GBWhatsApp alongside the original WhatsApp application on a single phone. If you have two phone numbers and want to use WhatsApp, you should follow the same steps mentioned above.

Big theme store

This modded app has a theme store where you can use unlimited themes. You can make your app unique with a wide range of theme available. You can use any given theme to give your app a one-of-a-kind look.

Hide status view

If you want to see the status of one of your contacts without them knowing, then you should enable this feature. This way, you can easily see the status of anyone on your contact list, but they will not be aware that you have seen their status.

Variety of stickers and emojis

With emojis and stickers, you can easily express yourself in chat without having to worry about not being able to find the right words. This feature is great for those who have difficulty expressing their feelings or thoughts in chat. You are provided with unlimited emojis and stickers of every category, so you can always find the perfect way to communicate with your friends.

Freeze your last scene

This is perfect if you confuse your friends with your last seen. Your last seen will be different in this mod. You can show your status online or set any specific time instead of real-time.

Read delete messages feature.

It can be frustrating when you receive a message, and the sender deletes it before you have a chance to read it. However, by using this mod, you can still view the message even after the sender has deleted it.

Inbuilt status downloader

With so many status downloaders on the market, it’s hard to know which ones to trust with your privacy. However, with this mod, you can download any status to your gallery without worrying about downloading an external status downloader.

Share location for custom time

If you are in danger and unsure of your location, the share location feature can help you update your friends and family so they can come to your aid.

GBWhatsApp Download

App NameGB WhatsApp
Version v20.70.06 Latest Version
Base Update2.23.9.75
DeveloperGB WhatsApp
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Size52 MB
Software CategoryAndriod
Download GBWhatsApp Latest

List of GBwhatsApp all versions

 Advantages Of GBWhatsApp

  • GBWhatsApp is packed with features not available on the official WhatsApp app. With GBWhatsApp, you can share larger audio and video files, hide your online status, and more. But like any other app, GBWhatsApp also has some disadvantages. Read on to learn more about the cons of GBWhatsApp.

Disadvantages Of GBWhatsApp

  • Although GBWhatsApp has many amazing features, it’s not recommended by the official WhatsApp team. If you use GBWhatsApp for an extended period, your WhatsApp account could be permanently banned. So it’s better to use a temporary phone number to avoid being banned. Use GBWhatsApp APK temporarily, and never use your main phone number.

List of Gb WhatsApp settings

  • If you are using GB WhatsApp and trying to explore its settings, there is a list where you can find some messaging locations for your GB WhatsApp, and you can customize it . There are different settings available Which is given below.
  • Privacy and security: There is a privacy and security tab where you can set your privacy according to your need, like the person cannot see your status, your online status, and many more options.
  • Addons: There are different addon switches available in Whatsapp GB settings; these add-ons enhance your GB Whatsapp features.
  • Updates: If you are using the old version and trying to update the new version of GB WhatsApp, you can try using the update tab under the settings options. You can update GB WhatsApp easily.
  • Universal background: Help of these features, you can change your background image for the entire WhatsApp for any specific person chat.
  • Gradient color: With the help of this, you can set gradient colors and your background.

How to download and install GBWhatsApp

  • First of all go to everywhatsapp.com and click on the button to download GB WhatsApp APK.
  • After downloading the APK download it file save on your device.
  • Before installing the application click on “unknown sources” in settings security e and unknown resources.
  • Open the APK and click to install.
  • After installing the GB WhatsApp enter your phone number with your country code.

Normal WhatsApp versus GB WhatsApp

Features GB WhatsApp Normal WhatsApp
Do Not Disturb
Hide Recording
File Sending Limit 999 MB 100 MB
Forwarding Limit Unlimited Chats 5 Chats
Status Length 255 Character 139 Character
Auto Message
Bulk Message
Background Multiple Backgrounds single Backgrounds
Customize Themes
Hide Status
Font Customization
language support 45 45
document sharing

How to update GB Whatsapp?

If you are using GB WhatsApp old version and have installed the latest version of the GB WhatsApp APK so you can follow the following Steps to update your GB WhatsApp.

First, click on the three dots in the top right corner of GB WhatsApp, then scroll and select the GB settings.

After clicking on GB settings, scroll and select the Universal settings option.

Click on Universal settings, scroll down, and select the update option and “turn on auto-update new version or Wi-Fi mobile ” and “auto-update new version via 4G” if these options turn off, then you turn on these two options.

Then again, select GB settings and scroll down, and at the bottom, there is an upgrade. GB options appear when the new version of GB is released. You can update the GB WhatsApp without any issues. Download now GB WhatsApp’s latest version from our website.

How to get GB WhatsApp backup?

If you are using WhatsApp GB, you can take its backup and follow the steps to take backup easily.
First, go to the settings, click the backup option, and select the backup option. Your backup will start automatically, but the important thing is that you should be connected to the internet, and dont be disconected by the internet until the backup is not complete.
You can also do backup with the help of a third-party application like doctor phone. You can download this application and then backup your GB WhatsApp with the use of this application. These two methods are helpful. You can try any of them to take a backup of your GB WhatsApp.

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What’s New

  • [Fixed]Fixed theme customisation.
  • [Fixed]Different styles changing.
  • [Fixed]Fixed application lock problem
  • [Fixed]Conversation logs
  • [Fixed]Update privacy issues.
  • [Added] Switch Translation option
  • [Added] You can now copy the caption feature for media just copy and media like image video copy the caption.
  • [Added] You can now view you all messages on screen and also show the total number of messages.
  • [Added] You can also set emojis for profile pictures.
  • [Added]Media Backup / Restore Option For Images, videos Etc.
  • [Added]Send Docs, Media, and Audio Upto 140 MB Size.
  • [Added]IOS 2023 Emojis Pacs (Enabled from MODS>Settings > Universal > Styles)


 Frequently asked questions?


The latest version of GB WhatsApp can be downloaded by clicking on the button above. To do this, you will need to have your mobile number handy. Once you have this information, you can go to the download section and get GB WhatsApp. You can also download any version of the app for a limited time, but you should only do so if you are confident that it is safe. The app can be used for free.

WhatsApp Mods are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people discover their unique benefits. Modded apps are similar to the original versions but with additional features like custom themes, improved privacy settings, extended status options. So if you’re looking for a more feature-rich WhatsApp experience, download GBWhatsApp today and enjoy its many benefits. thank you so much for visiting [everywhatsapp.com].

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