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SAWhatsApp is another mode of the official WhatsApp app. The app has all the features of the original app, but the developer adds some additional features which make this app different from the original app. You will find other features, including a theme store, group settings, media, privacy and security options, text styles and many more, so if you want to use your WhatsApp app in a new style, then SA WhatsApp is the best choice for you.

The latest version of the app is fully customisable and gives users a friendly interface. The old version was some bugs but the latest version is bugs free, so download directly from the website to avail of the upgraded features.

What is SAWhatsapp apk?

Saif Al-Khumri, a famous Android developer who designed and developed this application. They have also created SAWhatsApp plus Apk. SAWhatsApp app comes with two Main themes that include:

  • Golden SAWhatsApp and pink SAWhatsApp Apk.
  • Both are the same features, but the colour theme is changed.
  • Both have the same file size.
  • You can change its colours and customize it when you need it.

Golden SA WhatsApp

This variant of SAWhatsApp is golden, but you can customise it and change its colour when needed.

Pink SA WhatsApp

The colour of this variant is pink which is famous in couples and females. So if you want to change your app colour to pink, download this version.

Features OF SA WhatsApp

Freeze last seen

This option is available under the privacy and security section, where you can hide your last seen from everyone and change it with your choice. If your last seen option is not working, restart your WhatsApp for changes.

anti-view once

This feature is enabled when you install the app and allows users to view their contact’s unlimited messages without counting them. You can customise the anti-view setting from the privacy tab. If you do not want this feature, disable it from the setting.

Add an unlimited people in Group .

In normal WhatsApp, users can add upto 1024 members in the group. Apart from adding members, you cannot customize its privacy, styles and more option. That’s why the developer launches this mod version to allow users to add unlimited people to their group and full control to customize all app settings.

Lightweight application

The size of this application is very small and you can install it on very low-end devices. You need to require 2GB of RAM and 70 MB of free space on your device to install the app, but make your device Space free up to 500 MB for better performance.

Enable message encryption

WhatsApp is famous for its end to encryption but there are some limitations. That’s why we introduce an encryption feature in this modified version where you can encrypt or decrypt the messages. This app has an Enable encryption option where you can change its settings. You can use different encrypted or decrypted techniques for sending or receiving messages.

Anti delete option

This application offers features to recover or restore your deleted messages. You can restore deleted messages for up to 30 days, including video images, documents, and text messages. When you want to recover your deleted data, enable the feature from settings. The app applies an advanced recovery algorithm to start recovering deleted data. The app uses the depth search technique to search the data from your device cache. This app will allow you to preview the deleted data before restoring it. This app will help you recover specific data you want to recover.

Theme Store

You have multiple themes and can easily customize the theme, including its design, colour, elements, etc. You can create your own theme or modify the existing themes. The theme importer option lets you import third-party themes to the app..

Home Screen option

Many options are available on the home screen. You can use them on the home screen. Some following options are given below.

Home UI style: you can change the styling of your home. You can set the different themes, background images and colours.
Stories style: You can enable or disable your stories on your home screen and have the option to change the style of the view stories. You can also select the option to show who sees your story style.
Enable Instagram-like stories: You can enable Instagram stories on your home screen, but if you cannot need that, you can disable it.
Set my name: If you see the SawhatsApp logo on the application screen and want to replace it with your name, then enable the “set my name” option to change the app logo with your name.

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sawhatsapp is the best alternative for WhatsApp, providing additional features, including security privacy and enhancing your original app experience. You can use many customisable options to change the look and field of your WhatsApp. Throughout this article, we explain all of its features, so if you face any problem regarding this application you can comment below. We will solve your problem as soon as possible. Thank you so much for visiting []

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