WhatsApp beta for Android (High-quality videos)

WhatsApp is releasing a new update via the Google Play beta program, elevating the version to In this update, WhatsApp introduces a new feature that allows the transmission of high-quality videos, which is accessible to some beta testers. 

Latest Beta Version Update

Feature NameHigh-quality videos
Beta Version2.23.14.10
Status VersionRolling out
Update for DeviceBeta for Android
Availability For Beta Testers
Previous Beta Version2.23.14.6

In this article, we discuss the latest beta version of WhatsApp, which allows users to share high-quality videos without losing their resolutions. Now in the beta version, when you send a video to any contact, the media quality pop-up will appear, and it shows two options, one stands quality, and the other is HD quality. The default option for any video is always “Standard quality,” but if you want to send high-quality videos, you can select the HD quality option. When the users send high-quality video, the video will be marked as an “HD” label in the conversations. 

When the users utilize the high-quality option to share a video, it will be designed as high-quality video within the conversations, similar to high-quality photos. A new tag is automatically appended to the message bubble, and the recipient easily identifies that the video was sent in high quality. This feature is only valuable for sending high-quality videos in conversations. You cannot use this feature in status. This high-quality video feature is rolled out to some beta testes that install the latest beta version from the Google Play Store beta program, and it’s available for more people over the coming weeks. 

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