WhatsApp Omar

Version: v53 |  Size: 51MB

There are different types of modified versions of WhatsApp available, and these WhatsApp also have a multilingual approach. You can convert it to you are local language. Still, today I will discuss about Whatsapp Omar, which is the most popular in Arab. This unlocks many more features and additional features to add. if you want to download the premium features for WhatsApp free of cost, and you can download WhatsApp omar apk.

What is WhatsApp Omar apk?

This WhatsApp was designed and created by Omar Badib and there WhatsApp is different from other modes because they have different color themes and the most popular color theme of this WhatsApp is pink. There are also ten plus color themes of WhatsApp available in this application. This application is most popular in Arabic because of its different font.

Features OF WhatsApp Omar apk?

Ten different color themess

Whatsapp allows you dark and light theme, but it changes with time, and you cannot customize it. Many other Mod versions of WhatsApp have themes, but their number is also limited, so if you want to use different themes, then this mod APK allows you to download the ten best color themes for your WhatsApp free of cost.

Support 20 plus languages

This applications allow you to use 20 plus languages in this application and you can easily switch languages according to your need. Just enable the language switcher button from your settings.

Different Arabic fonts styles

You know this application is most popular among Arabs so it is highly focused on Arabic font style, but there are many other font styles available you can use it. Still, the Arabic font style is popular, so you can customize the font styles.

Bot messages

This applications allow you to send messages and communicate with others With the help of a bot, you can just set up the bot and select some contacts then the bot will send messages with your contacts from your side.

View deleted messages

The best feature of this application is that you can restore your deleted messages. You can enable anti-deleted tab from the setting and can easily see the deleted messages.

Arabic translation

You will not understand the message when someone sends message in another language and You can only understand your language. Then this application will instantly detects the message and will translates your message into your language.

Hide call log

You can hide your call details using this application, and no one can see your call history, so this is the best feature to save your privacy.

Long status

Normal WhatsApp status is a limited time to send status on your wall, and no other Mod version of WhatsApp provides long status options. this application allows it to share the long status on your wall.

Stable version

There are different version of ob WhatsApp available. Still, this version is tested by everywhatsapp.com. This is the stable version application and every features at working fine.

WhatsApp Omar APK Download

App NameWhatsApp Omar
DeveloperWhatsApp Omar
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Size53 MB
Software CategoryAndriod


Key features

In this application, you can use anti Ban options, you wont br Ban from the Original Whatsapp application.
There are a lot of privacy settings where you can hide your status information, and many more features to hide your privacy from others.
You can also hide the double-tick options.
You can copy the text in this application easily.
You can also hide your last seen from your contacts.
You can also send a message to unsaved numbers.

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This application is most popular in the Middle East and South African countries and can translate your messages into your local language. This application is more focused on Arabic countries and the Arabic language, so if you are from an Arabic country, then definitely this is for you, and you can try the premium features free of cost. I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any questions, you can contact us and comment on your message.

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