WhatsApp Desktop Developed using the Electron framework, has officially reached the end-of-life stage.

Whatsapp has just released the news that they will end the electronic-based desktop application on windows os. The Whatsapp developer is doing this to promote the new native app for Windows users. Developers want to give the Windows user an amazing experience with a rich messaging feature, a more stable version, and more privacy features.

Whatsapp for Windows Desktop

For almost from last 4 weeks, WhatsApp has been showing a timer on the old WhatsApp desktop. Finally, they have released news that they are going to discontinue the WhatsApp desktop based on the electronic framework to provide more features to users with an amazing experience.
The old electronic framework allowed the user to create a connection between the different using a single code database, which greatly helped the user, but this system still has some drawbacks. Now to tackle all these, WhatsApp introduced the native app for WhatsApp for Windows desktops. Now you can enjoy more features in that.

Advantages of the New Native App

Performance Upgraded and Integration Enhanced

The new native app is integrated with some enhanced Windows operating system features. Performances are enhanced, load time is reduced, and messaging is improved.

Improved Security and Privacy

The latest encryption and security protocol are integrated into the new native app, ensuring the user’s data remains safe. Fewer data resources will be used in the new data app.

What’s new in WhatsApp desktop

The old WhatsApp desktop application now shows an expiration message, which notifies the users that the app is no longer supported and that there should be a new native app to continue using WhatsApp for Windows, and it’s now working fine. Electron Framework allowed developers to create cross-platform desktop applications using different technology by developing a single code base that works across operating systems like Windows and make OS. Now WhatsApp expired, the old electron app, and you need to download it for Windows from the Microsoft store. If you still need to use the business tool, consider using the web as a temporary solution—Bookmark our website for the latest updates and new news on WhatsApp. If you have any questions in your mind, you can comment below.

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