WhatsApp beta for Android (Community and group icons)

WhatsApp rolled out a new beta version for Android through the Google Play beta program. This update is rolling out new icons for the community and their linked groups. This feature allows community admins who can Add groups to their communities. This feature allows community admins to mention groups within their community announcements. This feature is released with minor enhancements regarding communities. Some beta testers in their communities experience this feature. 

The old and new versions are almost the same but with some minor changes. In the old version, you could see the icon for the community with round edges, and you could easily distinguish it from other conversations. Now, in the latest version, you can see the link groups to the community are displayed with multiple Group Icons, which indicates that this group is linked with the community. 

Latest Beta Version Update

Feature NameCommunity and group icons
Beta Version2.23.13.12
Status VersionRolling out
Update for DeviceBeta for Android
Availability For Beta Testers

With this latest version, WhatsApp introduces a new icon for community and their length groups, enhancing the ability to distinguish them from other chats and communities. The communities icon is always behind the group icon, which will help users identify communities and linked groups directly from their chat list. These icons are only visible to certain beta testers who install the latest beta version from the Google Store beta program. 

WhatsApp releases this beta update after WhatsApp beta for Android This feature is for the community and group. This icon feature is rolling out for some beta testers, and worldwide users will be experiencing the feature in the upcoming weeks. I hope you enjoy this article. If you want the latest news and updates regarding WhatsApp, bookmark our website for the latest updates.

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