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Version: 9.62F |  Size: 45MB

WhatsApp is one of the best and #1 standing applications available in the market, and many modes are also available to replicate WhatsApp. And most of the mods are good and have customization features, but cyber WhatsApp provides extra features for privacy and security.

Cyber WhatsApp has many features that are not available in other modes of WhatsApp. You can use cyber WhatsApp. for different interface designs, customize your chat groups, Unlimited Calls, and set a long status. All these features are not available in the original WhatsApp application or any other mod, so if you’re like and need these types of features, you can download cyber WhatsApp.

Extended privacy features

With these features, you can extend your privacy features like you can hide your status from your contacts and hiding your last seen from others. This application also provides you to hide your double tick options when you visit a message from someone. There are many same features available in Blue WhatsApp APK , WhatsApp Prime APK where you can extend your privacy.

Plus themes

There is a Plus(+) theme option where you can use different theme designs for your cyber WhatsApp and many other third-party creators create different theme for you. By default, 100+ themes are available for you from the cyber WhatsApp team, so you can use and customize them when you need to change interface of your application.

Clear log

If you have many log files in your WhatsApp and you want to delete them to speed up your WhatsApp application, normal WhatsApp dont provide to customize and use this feature. But if you have Pub WhatsApp, you can clear all the log files on your WhatsApp and improve your WhatsApp speed.

Disable notifications

This application provide facility where you can disable your notifications during calls or when you receive and listen the voice messages. This application helps you disable notifications when you are doing important work.

Disable badge counter

With the help of these options, you can disable your number of counts of messages which is located on the home screen. If you disable it, you cannot count your messages by default. This option is enabled, and you can see how many messages you have received show on home screen.

Increase the Forward messaging limit

In Normal WhatsApp you can Forward limited messages and cannot send bulk messages to your contacts. So by using this feature you can send your messaging to up to 250 contacts at a time.

Enable emojis and gifs

By enabling these options, an extra tab is added to your account, and you can send different types of emojis, tenors and some additional emojis for your communication.

Conversation screen

And this feature of Cyber WhatsApp, where you can customize your conversation screens and set the background color and image to a specific chat and select one background for every screen. You can also change the text styles,font family and borders to your chats. You can also change the color of the sender and receiver message. There are many options you can use in the conversation screen tab, which is available in the settings of Cyber WhatsApp.

Send a large number of images.

And normal WhatsApp, you can select up to 10 images and send them to your contacts, but if you cannot send multiple photos simultaneously, you can use the feature of cyber WhatsApp from here, you can send up to 100 plus images simultaneously. In old version you can send 90 photos, but in latest version, you can send upto hundred Plus images simultaneously.

Voice changer:

When you change your voice during the calls, for changing the voice you can add third-party add-ons in WhatsApp, but in the cyber WhatsApp application, you can change your voice, tone of your voice during the calls. It has different effects and amazing voice changes available in this application.

Automatically call rejection.

The recent features added in application from where you can reject specific call. This application automatically rejects the ring with the help of its rejection feature, so you can enable it to leave your calls if you want automatically..

Share cyberWhatsApp with friends

This application is an amazing feature and provide additional options. You can send this application to your friend by inviting them with the help of the link and connecting with your friends and families. You can create different gold groups with a lot of customization for your connects, so if you like this application, you can send links using the share cyber WhatsApp option.


How to update cyber WhatsApp?

If you are using the old version of Cyber WhatsApp and want to download the latest one, you can download the newest version from our website.
Before downloading the latest version, you can back up your application.
And then, you can install the latest version.
But if you cannot install it manually, you can go to your settings, and under the settings, the updates tab will present, you can click on update. The latest version will be updated but make sure you can also take a backup before update the WhatsApp.

Airplane mode

The airplane mode makes this application different from other modes of WhatsApp. You can also send messages, received messages with the help of airplane mode, they connects you to the server when you are not connected to the internet. After connecting your internet, they send your message from their server.

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App NameCyber WhatsApp APK
DeveloperCyber WhatsApp
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Size45 MB
Software CategoryAndriod

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Cyber WhatsApp is one of the best for your security and privacy, and there are a lot of new features for call applications,messaging and customizing your home screen. If you want to customize your WhatsApp and beautify your communication, then you can use the cyber WhatsApp latest version. You can download it from our website. You can contact us if you have any problem or any issue regarding this application.

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