WhatsApp beta for Android (White action bar)

WhatsApp is introducing an exciting update via the Google Play beta program elevating the WhatsApp is working on a white action bar. This new beta version is available in the upcoming update. In the past few weeks, WhatsApp has highlighted new interface changes implemented in WhatsApp for Android. Now WhatsApp developers introduced a white action bar. 

WhatsApp is developing a white action bar for an upcoming App update. This transition to a white color scheme is a significant step to working with the material design principle approach. WhatsApp ensures appearance in line with other apps that adhere to these guidelines. People who use WhatsApp will find it easier because it will be familiar to design, and the new design will make WhatsApp more enjoyable for users. 

In addition to the light theme, WhatsApp has planned to introduce a dark action bar for users who prefer the dark theme in the future. It’s important to note that the status bar still returns the old green color, and this issue may be updated in the future. 

Latest Beta Version Update

Feature NameWhite action bar
Beta Version2.23.13.16
Status VersionUnde Development
Update for DeviceBeta for Andorid
Availability For Beta Testers

Why does WhatsApp customize the action bar? 

WhatsApp’s design to change the color of the action bar is likely a response to user feedback. It just changes to meet the user’s Expectations and preferences. With time, users have shared their opinions and suggestions. With the help of user suggestions, WhatsApp tries to improve the user experience that caters to user needs. 

The white action bar is under development, and it will be released in the future update for beta testers, so bookmark our website. We will post an additional article when rolled out for beta testers. 

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